PROPOS in your job shop

PROPOS brings QRM production planning to the workplace. By using our easy-to-use touch screens, your employees immediately see which orders are the most important, based on the planning. Your employees no longer have to ask the production manager or planner which job to work on, but will automatically start working on the correct production orders.

QRM production planning on the shop floor

The first job on the PROPOS screen is always the best choice to work on. With one tap on the screen, your operators start production on an order. Ready?

One more tap on the screen and they mark the task as completed. It is clearly visible to which production cell (categorized by different processes) the order has to go now. Your production employee brings the order to the next production cell and reports it in the buffer. This way, you always know where each order is and what the status is.

Real-Time Overview

Your production employees see real-time changes in the planning. The most important order is always the best choice for the planning. Urgent orders are processed automatically.

Less Overtime

PROPOS plans orders, automatically scheduling backwards from the delivery date. As a result, every order goes into production at the right time, and overtime is much less common.

Working more independently

Practice shows that production employees like being able to work more independently. They take more responsibility and feel more involved.

To work more efficiently

No more unnecessary searching for missing parts, or starting orders that are not yet in production. No longer waste time on unnecessary actions.

PROPOS in the workplace

One of the unique aspects of PROPOS is its integration with the shop floor. In fact, that is what PROPOS is all about: your star team of players in the workplace.

Through extremely user-friendly touch screens, PROPOS shows the operators the information that is relevant to them. They always work on the right job. Is an order threatening to arrive too late? Your workers will see it immediately on the screen, so they have the opportunity to do something about it on time. Furthermore, the monitors in your factory ensure total openness and involvement on the production floor.

Hot orders are a thing of the past

You can say goodbye to “rush orders”. They no longer disrupt your production process.

Through PROPOS, the most important order always appears at the top of the screen in every part of your factory. This way, it will roll through your production at maximum speed.

In addition to information about current production orders, your employees also see what the predicted workload is for them in the coming period. This allows them to better assess how busy it will be, whether they have to work overtime and whether or not there is room to take days off. Awareness and personal responsibility are encouraged.


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