Production planning
has never been so easy

Are you spending a lot of time planning and rescheduling orders? PROPOS schedules orders fully automatically as soon as you release them in your ERP system. Every order starts production at precisely the right time, and you always know exactly what the status of every production order is.

PROPOS for your planner & production manager

Never plan in Excel again

PROPOS also brings peace of mind to your planner and production manager. It is even questionable whether the traditional function of planner is still necessary when you work with PROPOS.

PROPOS generates a release list (authorization list) for the production orders that you enter in your ERP system. Under normal circumstances, a production order that you start on the release date (authorization date) will be ready on time. In addition, PROPOS takes into account the time between work on suborders (white space) in your factory so that the order does not arrive late in case something unforeseen happens. On the other hand, PROPOS naturally helps you to eliminate your downtime as much as possible to shorten your lead times.

One of the dashboard screens shows the release list. If you start the orders on the dates PROPOS advises, they will be ready on time.

Because your production manager or planner has insight into the internal backorders that arise in your factory at the earliest possible stage, he can take action before real problems can develop. There is enough time to finish the production order on time.

Furthermore, your production manager or planner has real-time insight into the predicted occupation of each part of your factory for the coming period at all times. With this, he can anticipate well in time and absorb peaks and troughs in your production. Therefore, you can guarantee the delivery times of your orders.

You can see well in advance where you need to take action, to guarantee delivery times.

Production planning - FULLY AUTOMATED PLANNING
Release list
Production planning - FULLY AUTOMATED PLANNING
Quick insight into the occupation

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