Faster production with MCT maps

The power of MCT maps in QRM

MCT is a time-based measure that enables continuous improvement processes, as it maps the total time wasted by an organization. If you use MCT maps properly, it does not have to be a data-intensive approach, but you can apply it fairly simply. By comparing the “before” and “after” values, MCT provides a simple but powerful KPI of how to measure lead time (reduction). The origin of MCT lies in the manufacturing industry (MCT stands for Manufacturing Critical-path Time), but the technology is now also being applied in many other contexts, such as suppliers, bank and insurance companies, healthcare, etc. Given the valuable information that PROPOS collects in use, you can easily request MCT maps and work on the continuous improvement of your organization and production process.

Want to know more about MCT maps?

Professor Rajan Suri, who developed the QRM method and MCT maps, wrote a helpful guide in which he explains the basic operation, rules, and guidelines. A must-have if you want to know more about MCT. Order the book here.

Do you want to know how you can use PROPOS to generate MCT maps? We are happy to explain it to you personally. Contact us for an appointment.

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