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PROPOS is een uniek shop floor control systeem. PROPOS software navigeert uw productieorders over de werkvloer. Het valt onder de groep van Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Het is speciaal ontworpen voor productiebedrijven met een stappenproductie waar mensen een grote rol op de productievloer spelen.

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1+1= flow

Where your ERP system ends, PROPOS takes the lead. Our intuitive software helps you beyond where traditional planning software fails.

PROPOS helps you to get a grip on your production and production planning in a user-friendly but powerful way. It also helps prevent back orders, shorten your delivery times and make them more reliable. PROPOS provides you with insight and overview, helps you to make smart adjustments and offers valuable information for making the right decisions at every level in your organization. Your work in process (WIP) decreases and customer satisfaction increases.

PROPOS relieves you from constant rescheduling, long planning meetings, inefficient planning, persistent backorders and a lack of overview.


Lean & QRM planning

PROPOS fits in seamlessly with the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). In fact, it is co-developed by one of the leaders in the field of QRM in the Netherlands! However, it is not necessary for you to be working with Lean Manufacturing or QRM to benefit from PROPOS.

Digital POLCA

PROPOS is the first in the world to offer a digital POLCA system that ensures that there will never be any ‘traffic jam’ in your factory, making sure you deliver on time!

Improve continuously

PROPOS helps your company and employees to perform better by creating a pull production with fully automatic planning that is always up to date. You can use the digital POLCA module for early bottleneck detection and prevention.

The flow increases; the number of errors decreases.

Everyday use
PROPOS offers valuable insights for your planner and production manager. With the Smart Planner module, you can easily apply workload balancing for the coming days/weeks.

If you have been working with PROPOS for a while, you will gain insight into the performance of the production process. It becomes clear where there are opportunities for improvement and how you can implement further cost reduction. This is done via our analysis screens, used by higher (process improvement) management.

PROPOS brings flow to your production process. You will save time that is now lost on peripheral issues such as searching for missing parts, for example. Your employees work more independently and take more responsibility.

PROPOS schedules orders fully automatically after they are released for manufacturing in the ERP system. Every order enters the production process at exactly the right time and you will know what the status is all the way through the process.

Maximum efficiency in your production process? PROPOS offers valuable insights that will help you prevent bottlenecks and spot opportunities to work more efficiently.

Customer Experiences

"Provan has noticed that work in process has been reduced since implementation.

Our employees only work on relevant tasks. Another pro is that our operators are more involved, because they can start sub orders themselves. In the past, the manager constantly had to assign their work to them. That makes a big difference in the experience on the shop floor. We also had a full-time detail planner who was always working to re-adjust the planning, but when his detailed planning was ready, it was already outdated. Today, the system offers real-time insight. "

Value Chain, Business Logistics

“We went live with PROPOS mid 2015, and it immediately provided us with insight. If we receive a phone call from a customer asking where an order is and how much time it will take to be ready, we can help him immediately. That is ideal. We also have more insight ourselves; if it is hectic somewhere on the production floor, we can rearrange our people. We also notice much more ease of work in the company. We are very open to the people. There are screens the shop floor on which they can see how many hours you are supposed to work on an order. That also provides a bit of competition and feedback. They don't have to work harder, but they do become more productive."

Martin van der Zanden
Engineering manager and head of business office at WEIDMANN Transformer Supplies B.V.


Want to know more about PROPOS? Please have a look into our most frequently asked questions:

PROPOS increases the pace in your production process. It optimizes the flow of production orders. PROPOS simplifies your planning, reduces work in process and therefore the working capital. There is less time wasted because there is less time spent on discussing the planning. The involvement of your employees in meeting the agreed delivery times will increase. The daily management of your production process takes much less time. In short: your production costs are reduced, delivery times become shorter, and delivery reliability is increasing.

Using the PROPOS Dashboard you can easily search all production orders, for example by sales order, production order number or customer reference. You then immediately see where those orders are in your organization and whether they are still on schedule for the agreed delivery time. Both for yourself and for your customer you can easily answer the question whether certain projects are still going according to plan. However, monitoring and achieving the agreed delivery time already starts in the workplace. PROPOS continuously monitors the progress of all production orders. Is an order tending to fall behind? Then PROPOS warns you early enough so that something can still be done about it. In this way, meeting delivery times and shortening lead times becomes a joint responsibility. From shop floor, production management, and planning.

Starting with PROPOS is easy. Suppose you send your orders to PROPOS based on their route through the production process, then you already have rough time estimates to be able to benefit significantly from PROPOS. You will immediately save time on the daily management of your production process. You get immediate insight into the progress of all orders. Your employees get more sense of responsibility and become more involved in achieving the planning. PROPOS monitors where you need to make adjustments and PROPOS collects information about possible improvements in your processes. A more detailed and precise time estimate is always possible in a later stage; PROPOS is flexible.

An investment in PROPOS will pay for itself in many ways, depending on your situation. Some examples: planning becomes much easier and takes less time. There is less overtime, and that saves money immediately. People in production do less unnecessary work such as consultation, searching for orders and asking. Controlling the work floor becomes easier, saving you time there. PROPOS will help decrease your work in process and therefore less work capital. You can produce more with the same resources, productivity increases. Orders are often delivered to your customers on time, and you can deliver faster. As a result, customers stay with you, and you attract new customers more easily.

No, you can use PROPOS much more widely. Some of our customers also plan and monitor the following work with PROPOS. Work preparation, engineering, waiting for customer approval, outsourced work, internal and external transport, purchasing, final inspection, packaging, and shipping. PROPOS is a company-wide solution.

Yes, the PROPOS screens for the workplace are designed so that anyone who can read and write can work with it. The touch screens are easy to operate regardless of age and regardless of educational level. Experience shows that people like to work with it because it also helps them become more self-reliant. We thereby create support and involvement in the workplace.

Because PROPOS makes production planning easier and the day-to-day management clearer, fewer problems need to be fixed, and less has to be discussed. Some people, such as planners and production leaders, save time as a result. They can then focus on continuously improving your processes based on the insights that PROPOS offers. Furthermore, we see that our customer’s employees focus more on quality improvement, cross-training of employees, optimization of production resources, structural solving of common failures, and so on. In this way, a double blow is made in the revenues generated by PROPOS.

Hier vindt u een volledig overzicht van de mogelijkheden van PROPOS en de systeemvereisten:

PROPOS factsheet
PROPOS XML Import Specifications

Not only does PROPOS schedule your orders and monitor progress, PROPOS also actively works to speed up the flow of production orders and thus to increase the pace in your production. PROPOS brings flow to your production orders and increases the involvement of your employees.

PROPOS actively reduces your work in process (WIP) and continuously examines for each production cell (department) which order can best be started for an optimal flow in your factory. The system can also detect the development of floating bottlenecks and prevent production from stalling. You can then take measures before the bottleneck has actually caused problems.

PROPOS provides your employees with information so that they have to search less, ask less and consult less. As a result, they work more efficiently and pleasantly. Moreover, we bring the right information exactly to the right place so that everyone is informed. This way, everyone becomes involved in achieving agreed delivery times and further shortening lead times.

All these points contribute to less overhead and therefore fewer production costs and to greater competitiveness. With higher delivery reliability and shorter delivery times, customers choose for you faster and remain a customer.

During a PROPOS implementation, we supervise the project from start to finish so that you can continue to focus on your regular work as much as possible. For us, a PROPOS implementation is not successful until you work successfully with PROPOS. So you do not have to worry about progress or project management. The most important thing for you is to ensure that the data that PROPOS retrieves from your ERP system is in order. And of course, we also assist with this.

PROPOS requires data from all relevant production orders: all production orders currently present on the shop floor and the production orders for the coming weeks or months. Of those production orders, PROPOS needs the route that these orders will follow through your company. That may also be a route on main lines or main operations. You indicate an estimated processing time per main operation. This is the basis, but more is possible.

If desired, you can also let PROPOS work with order structures (main and suborders) and data about the stock positions of purchase parts. You can also display attachments to orders such as photos, (3D) drawings, instructions, etc.

A PROPOS implementation is fully supervised by us and consists roughly of the following steps.

1. Kick-off presentation to your employees to maximize their involvement.

2a. Mapping out your processes and determining how we will configure them in your ERP system and in PROPOS.

2b. Mapping where touch screens are desired in your factory or office.

3a. Update data in your ERP system where necessary.

3b. Develop and test the connection between PROPOS and your ERP system.

3c. Select and order touch screens.

3d. Install and test PROPOS on your server.

4a. Configure PROPOS for your specific processes and view the results with you.

5a. Install touch screens in the factory.

5b. Education and training of planners, production managers, and key users.

6a. Training for production employees.

6b. Go live! Followed, of course, by aftercare where necessary.

7. Application manager training for all ins and outs of PROPOS.

8. If desired: on the basis of the PROPOS analysis we can determine together where there are opportunities for improvement for your company.

A PROPOS implementation usually takes around 3 months. That is the time it takes to map your process, to get your ERP system in order as needed, to establish the link with your ERP system, to install and configure PROPOS and to give your employees explanation and training.

No, not at all. In the first instance, we arrange PROPOS in such a way that PROPOS takes over the current rhythm of your company. You feel that you continue to work at the pace that you are used to. However, the PROPOS screens will guide your people in that work, which immediately creates more insight and involvement. Less needs to be discussed, managed, changed, searched and walked around. The production costs are going down. PROPOS reduces work in progress where possible and optimally directs orders through your company. As a result, the tempo will automatically increase.

Then we can work with you step by step on higher delivery reliability and shorter lead times.

With PROPOS you can...

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