PROPOS is a unique concept for detailed planning and control in the workplace. It actively improves flow in the workplace and creates a pull production. PROPOS collects valuable information for performance measurement and analysis that you can use for continuous improvement on the road to world class manufacturing.

Measure easily


You gain insight into the whitespace and blackspace of production orders. This allows you to implement targeted improvements and achieve results.


PROPOS provides clear insight into problem areas in your production process. This makes it possible to take action for an optimal flow.


You know exactly how much work is planned in the coming period, and how many people you need for the job. You can anticipate peaks in the workload.

Cost reduction

Thanks to the data that PROPOS collects about your production process, you can tackle specific problems and cut costs.

For the (strategic) management

A wealth of information

PROPOS collects a wealth of information about the processes in your factory. You can analyze this information, to help you make the right (strategic) decisions. The possibilities are practically endless. For example, you can find out more about bottlenecks in your factory and when they arise. You can map waiting times and lead times of orders in every part of your factory. You can also easily monitor your internal and external delivery reliability.

All this data helps you to make decisions about how you can further shorten your delivery times and further increase delivery reliability. You can make better decisions about investments that should or should not be made.

Management and Strategy - FULLY AUTOMATED PLANNING

PROPOS collects a wealth of information for analysis

Management and Strategy - FULLY AUTOMATED PLANNING

PROPOS effortlessly creates MCT maps


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