work preparation and sales

Thanks to the insights that PROPOS offers, you can also benefit in other departments of your company.

PROPOS for work preparation and sales

Just in time delivery

PROPOS helps you to order your supply based on actual needs and upcoming projects. You need less inventory so that you can schedule just in time. You will also know exactly when you can manufacture an order for your client, based on your current schedule. No more promises you can’t keep! The insight into the capacity of your factory helps your sales and work preparation to achieve better and more trustworthy delivery times. It also stimulates communication between your office and the job shop.

In addition, PROPOS always provides an up-to-date picture of any production order in your factory. Your employees can quickly answer questions from customers about the status of their order. Taking a new order? (Once released from the ERP,) PROPOS shows you immediately and real-time if there is still any capacity left and how it will affect the current workflow.

Sales, Purchasing and Work preparation - FULLY AUTOMATED PLANNING

Always up-to-date, detailed insight into the status of each order.

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