10 reasons

Does your job shop production company usually work customer-driven? Do you have step-by-step production in your factory and do people play a major role in the production process?

Here are 10 reasons why PROPOS helps your company advance to a factory of the future:


  1. shortens your delivery times
  2. increases your delivery reliability
  3. increases the satisfaction of your customers
  4. reduces your work in process, thus reducing costs and risk, space, and interest
  5. ensures that difficult schedules and continuous re-planning are a thing of the past
  6. ensures more ease of work and focus in the factory
  7. provides immediate, up-to-date insight on the production floor
  8. involves everyone in realizing the delivery due dates
  9. provides a wealth of information for (strategic) decisions
  10. works where your orders are executed: on your shop floor, together with your production staff.

What sets PROPOS apart?

The responsibility of PROPOS goes beyond making a planning. PROPOS gives everyone real-time insight into the situation in the factory. Where production is going well and where it is likely that things will go wrong with orders. As a result, people take their responsibility and can adjust on time so that orders are delivered at the right time.

See for yourself?

PROPOS proves itself on shop floors everyday. Contact us to experience what PROPOS does and how it works in another factory. You and your employees are welcome to visit and watch. Enter your details on the right, and we will contact you to make an appointment.

What is it? Job Shop Control

PROPOS is a job shop / shop floor control system. It belongs to the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) group. It is linked to your ERP system. PROPOS is specifically intended for production companies with a large variety of products and varying batch sizes.

PROPOS ensures that you have control over the planning and progress of your production process. “On time” is the key idea behind PROPOS.

With PROPOS you can...

    • Plan and schedule work orders
    • Authorize (release) orders
    • Navigate orders through your production system
    • Monitor the progress of the production process
    • Gain insight into the capacity utilization per machine or production cell
    • Determine priorities and intervene with potential back orders
    • Shorten the lead time, and
    • Deliver your orders on time

PROPOS and the workplace

PROPOS is real-time and proactive. On the shop floor, your operators report operations in PROPOS as (partially) ready. This gives them control over their own work station. It gives you insight into the progress and bottlenecks.

This allows you to monitor, steer and (where necessary) adjust the process directly.

PROPOS reduces your scheduling issues. Contradictions between office and factory disappear.

See for yourself?

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