PROPOS is ontwikkeld in de praktijk,
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PROPOS software finds its origin in everyday practice. It has been developed BOSCH Hinges (The Netherlands). Bosch Hinges is a worldwide frontrunner in the field of process improvement with Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) and Lean Manufacturing. PROPOS software has been developed to support this successful QRM and Lean implementation.

About PROPOS -

QRM and Lean production

From the enthusiasm of companies that came to look at the QRM implementation and the software at BOSCH Hinges, the idea arose to also offer other companies the success of PROPOS software. Our connection to everyday practice on shop floors is and remains of great importance to us.

We always test new developments in our software against the theory of QRM and Lean, but certainly also against the practice of daily practices in the production company where PROPOS originated. Because of our history and our in-depth but broad knowledge, we can offer more than just software. During the implementation of PROPOS, we can – if you wish – also introduce or improve QRM and Lean principles in your company. These principles will make the implementation of PROPOS extra powerful and further increase the benefits for your company.

Our network comprises a large number of companies and institutions that are all enthusiastic about improving their processes through QRM and Lean Manufacturing. Through us, all this knowledge and experience is also available to you.

PROPOS is closely involved with the Dutch QRM Center (BOSCH Hinges and Metal is one of its founders), we have good contacts with experts at the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN), the University of Groningen (RUG), technology institute Sirris in Belgium and many other colleges and universities in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, we maintain good personal contacts with Prof. Rajan Suri, the founder of QRM.

When you work with PROPOS, you choose a reliable partner who understands what is going on with you and what is important to you. Our extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience guarantee good advice and a successful implementation of PROPOS in practice at your company. Always with the goal to increase the long-term profitability and continuity of your company.

Say no more, we got it

Due to our extensive practical experience, we quickly understand your problems. With you, we can link these together to practical solutions. These solutions can be part of our software, but also in the application of a number of QRM or Lean Manufacturing principles. The software then guarantees and reinforces the implemented improvements.

Our team

The PROPOS team is always there for you, from the preparatory phase to successful implementation and beyond. Meet our team:

Robert Peters PROPOS software production planning software

Robert Peters


Together with Fried Kaanen, Robert is the founder of PROPOS software. He was the first in the world to develop the unique automatic planning software, based on the QRM theory of Rajan Suri. Robert does PROPOS implementations and is responsible for the technical development of the software.

About PROPOS -

Godfried Kaanen


Fried Kaanen is co-owner of PROPOS and director of BOSCH Hinges, the first company where PROPOS was put into practice. Fried is also chairman of the Koninklijke Metaalunie, vice-chairman of MKB Nederland and member of the Social and Economic Council (SER).

About PROPOS -

Jasper van der Wind


Will your company start using PROPOS? There is a good chance that Jasper will become a familiar face. Jasper helps with setting up and supervising implementations.

QRM advisor planning production companies Quick Response Manufacturing

Julian Stark

QRM advisor & project manager

As Quick Response Manufacturing advisor Julian advises the customers of PROPOS Software on how to design their processes based on the principles of Quick Response Manufacturing. As Project Manager, he leads projects to implement the PROPOS Software, as he did at Kooima Company in Rock Valley, Iowa (USA).

About PROPOS -

Jeroen Voogt

Senior software architect

Jeroen is our senior software architect and together with Robert he is responsible for the technical development of the software.

About PROPOS -

Martine van den Houten


LinkedIn messages, interviews with our customers, videos, newsletters and maintaining the website: Martine handles the marketing of PROPOS.

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