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Smart planner module

For production companies with a large variation in customer demand, order size or product types ( typical High-Mix Low-Volume production), improving order flow is of great importance to reduce costs, shorten lead times and ensure delivery reliability. QRM and PROPOS offer excellent tools for this. By focusing on flexible capacity, an organization can absorb peaks in the requested capacity as much as possible. In addition, capacity can be flexibly increased through overtime, shift work, hiring or outsourcing.

PROPOS always shows which capacity is requested when in which production cell in order to guarantee the flow of jobs. However, in some operations there is a practical limit to this flexibility of capacity. Complex craftsmanship and knowledge-intensive processes are not easy to transfer or require very specific machinery. Investing in additional production resources is not always possible or desirable on short term. This can result in planned utilization rates of well above 80% and of course even well above 100%, which can only be solved by dividing jobs over several days. The PROPOS Smart Planner is an extension to PROPOS that supports this automatically.

How the PROPOS Smart Planner works

The PROPOS Smart Planner can help to balance an unbalanced situation in the (medium) long term over several days. For example, the Smart Planner makes it possible for PROPOS to automatically – within the adjustable bandwidth – adjust the planning in such a way that peaks in the workload are spread over the previous days or weeks. This ensures more peace and less overtime during the execution of the work. See example below: The PROPOS Smart Planner distributes peaks over the days before, if there is sufficient space or if the days before the peaks are considerably smaller.

tip 11 smart planner module 1
Situation 1 (with bottlenecks)
tip 11 smart planner module 2
Situation 2 (action of the Smart Planner)
tip 11 smart planner module 2
Situation 3 (Result)

The advantage of distributing the peak over the previous days is that it is solved quicker.

Below is an example of an actual situation in PROPOS.

Activating the Smart Planner in PROPOS

The PROPOS Smart Planner is an optional module in PROPOS. To purchase and activate the Smart Planner please contact us.

We recommend that you activate and configure the Smart Planner in consultation with us. In a test environment we can first view and show you the results of activating the Smart Planner. This way we can also select the best settings for you.


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