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Kooima Company

Kooima Company

Kooima has nearly 20 flatbed lasers and over a dozen tube lasers, as well as capabilities in bending, machining, welding and assembly. With over 160 employees, Kooima is a unique job shop. We had the honor to travel overseas to implement PROPOS at Kooima Company, located in Rock Valley, Iowa (USA). By choosing PROPOS software, Kooima Company found a solution to their problem. “We needed visible control over our workload”, explains Greg de Jager, CEO of Kooima Company.

Picture what happens when you utilize the interstate at a 100 percent capacity. You have a traffic jam! In a traffic jam your speed goes down (sometimes you’re even standing still) and if you would measure the output at a certain point, you would find that the output goes down also. This is exactly what happened in our high mix/low volume job shop. At Kooima we created our own traffic jams by planning all machines as full as possible, resulting in long lead times, and a lot of work in process. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) teaches us that when you utilize capacity with more than 80 percent, your lead times will explode. PROPOS has proved QRM right.

Julian Stark

Quick Responsive Manufacturing advisor


Reference case Kooima Company - References
Reference case Kooima Company - References
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