Production planning for the wood industry

Do you manufacture or process wood?

PROPOS is very suitable if you work with wood, even if it requires a lot of customization.

PROPOS schedules backwards from the delivery date and automatically schedules when it is necessary to work on a specific order to deliver on time. There is less work in progress on the shop floor and you can purchase in a more targeted way. Handy when it comes to large materials such as wood panels and pallets. You know exactly where which order is at any moment of the day. Lead times become shorter, overhead costs decrease and the flow in your production process increases.

Production planning Wood -

How WEIDMANN Transformer Supplies B.V. produces faster with PROPOS (Dutch):

“WEIDMANN is a special company. We make small wooden blocks, but also sheets of a thousand kilos. Planning was always a big problem. We make five hundred orders a week with great variation. Every part that goes into the workshop can be a separate order. That was our biggest obstacle.”

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