PROPOS for the glass industry

Do you manufacture or process glass?

PROPOS software is already running successfully at various companies in the glass sector. Join these companies and discover the advantages of fully automated production planning!

PROPOS schedules backwards from the delivery date and automatically schedules when it is necessary to work on a specific order to deliver on time. There is less work in progress on the shop floor, which is extremely useful for fragile materials such as glass. You have an overview of where which order is at any moment of the day. Lead times become shorter, overhead costs decrease and the flow in your production process increases.

Read how ESD Systeemwanden moved forward with PROPOS (Dutch)

“We sell composite items such as profile, glass, etc. In PROPOS each part of the production process is allocated a number of hours: work preparation, drawing, production. Then the order is authorized and goes to the factory.”

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