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Besteed nooit meer kostbare uren aan eindeloos overleg over de planning en het onhandig schuiven van orders in Excel.

Your operators instantly see which jobs have the highest priority. PROPOS visualizes the entire process, giving you real-time insight.

You have shorter lead times

You have a strategic advantage

PROPOS automatically calculates the best time to start a job by counting back from the delivery date. Optimal flow promotes shorter lead times.

PROPOS levert direct waardevolle inzichten voor continue verbetering en procesoptimalisatie, zoals werkelijke productietijden en bottlenecks.

PROPOS software, leading in QRM production planning

Beat your competition

Do you process many production orders with a high variety of products and with a limited order quantity? If you have a high-mix low-volume production facility, scheduling your production can be an obstacle in delivering the parts to your customer as quickly as possible. And if you don’t deliver on time, your competitor will.

PROPOS is a shop floor control system that schedules production orders directly from your ERP system. The production planning is fully automated and real-time, giving you the advantage of a floating production planning. Your operators immediately know which order has the highest priority thanks to user-friendly screens in the workplace. PROPOS offers an overview, visualizing the entire process and helps shorten your lead time.

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Company-wide solution

PROPOS offers instant benefits for your entire organization. More efficient production, purchasing, sales, planning, and management; the possibilities are endless. Do you want an even smoother work flow? You can connect any application to your production planning.


Your production employees will work independently on the orders with the highest priority. Everyone has an overview and knows what needs to be done.
Accessible screens on the shop floor show which orders are coming and which order can best be taken into production, given the customer demand and the busyness on the shop floor. Incomplete orders are no longer started, work in process is decreasing and there is more peace and overview. Unnecessary overtime is a thing of the past and there is insight into busy periods.


Endless planning and rescheduling are a thing of the past. PROPOS schedules orders in real time from the ERP system. Discover the benefits of floating planning.
Endless planning and rescheduling are a thing of the past. PROPOS schedules orders in real time from the ERP system. Discover the benefits of floating planning. Tired of lengthy discussions about planning and puzzling in Excel? With PROPOS you release orders with one click on the button; our planning software does the rest. This way you can focus on further process optimizations. Does a customer want to know where his order is? PROPOS will tell you where it is, and when it will be ready. Our system offers many more options, including load balancing.


PROPOS collects a valuable information to further optimize your production process.
PROPOS is a unique concept for detailed planning and control in the workplace. It actively improves flow in the workplace and creates a pull production. PROPOS collects valuable information for performance measurement and analysis that you can use for continuous improvement on the road to world class manufacturing.

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