Julian Stark ‘From LEAN to QRM’ @ 2019 QRM Conference, Wisconsin

At the 2019 QRM Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, QRM advisor Julian Stark held a seminar in which he talks about the successful transition Kooima Company, a large manufacturer in Iowa, made from LEAN to QRM, with a special role for a digital version of POLCA, reducing lead time and increasing OTD with incredible results.

In his full 40-minute presentation, he will explain:

  • How traffic jams in your company can dramatically affect lead time and OTD;
  • How to look at the different toolboxes for Operational Excellence;
  • Hoe teveel onderhanden werk leidt tot sterk toenemende doorlooptijden – en hoe u dit kunt oplossen;
  • A brief explanation of POLCA and the advantages of a (unique) digital version, to regulate work processes for optimal flow;
  • How in only a couple of months lead times reduced by 40% and on time delivery by 12%.

Read more about Kooima’s decision for PROPOS? Have a look at our reference case!

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